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Issue Volume 1, Number 5

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Artwork below is reduced in resolution from that in the article.

Issue V1N5 of the new electronic APR (PDF file format on CD-ROM) features four article. The primary article in this issue is a 71-page article on the late 10-meter Project Orion vehicles designed for the USAF and NASA by General Atomic. This article is packed with diagrams taken from official reports, as well as data, performance graphs, all-new reconstruction drawings and artwork. The Orion vehicle is described and shown in greater detail here than ever before in publicly available articles. Also includes information on 8-meter and 12-meter concepts for military applications as well as the baseline 10-meter design that was to serve both military and Martian exploration purposes. Launch vehicles, both solid and liquid rockets, are also described.

Issue V1N3 contained the first article in this series, describing internal-detonation nuclear pulse vehicle concepts. Issue V1N4 covered the initial development of Project Orion, from the earliest configurations through to the near-final designs, test facilities, safety and environmental issues, and subscale flight vehicles

Copiously illustrated with photos, presentation graphics, diagrams and original drawings and renderings.

The second article is a 4-page article by Dennis R. Jenkins about a 1963 North American Aviation concept for a two-stage-to-orbit launch vehicle composed of a manned, winged first stage rocket-powered aircraft and a manned lifting body second stage with an unconventional linear rocket engine. This article contains sketches as well as two large-format foldout pages with detailed layout and inboard drawings.

Also included is an 8-page article by Bill Slayton on the 1956 Lockheed CL-407 VTOL strike/recon fighter concept. Includes numerous layout, inboard and component drawings of six different designs.

Lastly, small articles ("Aerospace History Nuggets") on several minor design concepts, including:
A late-war or early post war German "mystery project"
The NASA-Ames "M-85" high-speed VTOL airliner
The "LF-111," a notional design for a laser-armed F-111
A North American Aviation "global range transport," a two-stage rocket vehicle meant to send 100 passengers from New York to Tokyo in about one hour.

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