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Issue Volume 2, Number 4

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Artwork below is reduced in resolution from that in the article.

Articles in Issue V2N4 of APR:

Bell BoMi, Part 3:

Final article in the BoMi series, describing the final RoBo designs from Convair, Boeing and Martin. Also shows relationships between Convairs RoBo design and their Super Hustler and Fish designs, as well as Convairs initial Dyna Soar design proposal. Also includes the final Bell BoMi design, the Conceptual Test Vehicle for the Dyna Soar program.

Proposed Ames Aeronautical Laboratory Mach 10 Demonstrator

An article by Dennis R. Jenkins describing several concepts for a pproposed follow-on to the X-15, greatly expanding flight performance, and blending in with the BoMi design efforts.

Convair Post World War II Seaplane Studies

An article by Robert Bradley describing a number of postwar jet-powered seaplane bombers, both subsonic and supersonic. Numerous drawings.

Bell D188A... The XF-109 That Wasn't, Part Two

Second of two parts on the Mach 2 VTOL fighter designed by Bell for the US Navy and US Air Force. Includes a large number of rarely seen photos of two mockup vehicles a detailed design diagrams

Two "Aerospace History Nuggets:"

The Convair Manned Reconnaissance Glide Vehicle, an orbital recon vehicle from the same era as the RoBo, though of a very different design

The Boeing Model 767-730 nuclear powered transport aircraft

And finally, this issue has 8 pages of 11X17 pages including larger-format versions of some of the drawings and art. These pages are at the end of the issue for easier printing, and include drawings not in the main body of the issue.

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