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Issue Volume 2, Number 6

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Artwork below is reduced in resolution from that in the article.

Articles in Issue V2N6 of APR:


A long and exhaustive article on the Douglas ROMBUS concept for a single stage to orbit vehicle (from 1963) and it's derivatives... ICARUS/Ithacus (a ballistic transport capable of hurling 1200 fully armed Marines across the planet), the ROMBUS-F and ROMBUS III "lofters," the ICARUS Jr., a half-scale ballistic transport and the Pegasus, a half-scale space launch vehicle. Included are a plethora of design drawings, including many showing alternate payloads including Orion nuclear pulse propulsion upper stages.

Convair Mach 4 Seaplane Bombers by George Cully

Describing a series of 1958 designs for extremely fast bombers that could be operated from the ocean. Designs included variants that would roll over onto their backs after takeoff and would fly (or land, depending on your point of view) upside-down. As a bonus, six additional blueprints are added, showing further variants drawn in 1959 for the same role.

Convair's Flying Submarine

In 1962, Convair studied a submarine that could fly. Or a seaplane that could maneuver underwater. Depending on your point of view... This article describes both the pre-study early conceptual designs along with the final three-engined design.

Bell Aircraft's Orbital Saucer Project by Dave Stern

An article describing the Model 7045 lenticular spacecraft and its associated missions and secondary vehicles... including the Model 7093 orbital bombardment satellite.

Messerschmit Me 328 Variations, Part 2

Numerous wartime German designs for the Messerchmitt Me 328 pulsejet powered fighter... six dozen variations, both smaller and notably larger than the standard Me 328.

Two "Aerospace History Nuggets:"

Saab 1073 short-haul jetliner, 1968

A unique small jetliner capable of easy conversion to cargo.

Tsanders Aerospaceplane

A winged space launch vehicle... from 1924!

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