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Aerospace Projects Review, Issue Volume Five Number Six

Raumwaffe, 1946

The biggest article in APR history. This article covers the development of the A-series of rockets in pre-wartime and wartime Germany, from the A-1, A-2 and A-3 test rockets to the A-4 (V-2) ballistic missile, all the way up to the A-9/A-10 ICBM project and the A-11 satellite launcher and the A-12 "Space Shuttle." Also revealed is Werner von Brauns early concept for a space station; the Antipodal Bomber "Silverbird" by Eugen Sanger, and discussion of dubious and downright fraudulent notions for wartime German spacecraft. The rarely seen A-7 and A-8 are illustrated, along with a great many winged variants of the A-4.

This article is copiously illustrated with actual German engineering schematics, contemporary artwork, and accurate modern line-drawing reconstructions.

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Boeing WS-110A by Dennis Jenkins

This article by Dennis Jenkins covers a number of the designs Boeing put forth to win the B-70 contract. This includes subsonic and supersonic concepts; conventional and bizarre designs; single stage and multi-stage aircraft; even hydrogen fueled and nuclear powered designs. A great many detailed drawings including three-views and inboard profiles.

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This long-promised article presents the designs of a number of X-Wing aircraft designed since the 1960's. Included are several drawings direct from the designer! Test aircraft, fighters, transports recon aircraft are all represented.

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Dash-On-Warning Concepts

A brief article covering the 1970's "Dash-On-Warning" concept, which involved the rocket-powered vertical launch of large Mach 3 aircraft carrying one or more MX missiles. This article is a snippet from the forthcoming "US Bomber Projects" book, and includes several all-new drawings.

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